Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It shelters your valuables and the lives of the people and animals that you love. This means that taking care of your roof to keep it from leaking, curling, flaking, or even caving in is crucial. If you are already having problems with your roof, your first task will be to get in contact with a roofing contractor, like Allrose Exteriors, to get your problem resolved. However, after you've treated your current problems, you can help prevent future ones by following these two tips. 

Keep It Clean

It might sound strange, but keeping your roof clean goes a long way in helping your roof last. Clearing it of things like branches, toys, and animal carcasses can help keep your roof in good shape. One or two times each year, get up onto your roof and take a look around to check for these kinds of objects. Besides causing problems for your roof, these items can pose safety hazards for your family. If a small tree limb or toy is knocked off of the roof by a bird, squirrel, or even wind or rain, it can strike anyone standing under the roof. This person could be seriously injured or even killed if this were to happen. 

Dead animal bodies are another nuisance all together. When something like a baby bird dies on your roof, it begins to decompose. As it does this, it can attract roaches, ants, flies and other pests that can infest your home. Being sure to keep your roof clean of this kind of debris can actually help you keep the rest of your home safe from being overrun by animals and insects. Be sure to wear thick gloves and other protective gear when handling animal bodies. 

Mind Your Trees

If you have any trees within approximately 100 feet of your home, there's a possibility that anything on or in that tree could end up on your roof. This includes leaves, branches, larger limbs, animals, and insects, such as bees or wasps. Keep the trees in your immediate area trimmed and free of broken limbs as you are able. Sometimes limbs can break off from the tree, but they get tangled in the limbs below them as they fall. This can leave them hovering dangerously above your roof, just waiting to cause damage. Take care of your trees and they have less of a chance of causing you roofing wear and tear. 

These two easy steps can prepare your roof to last you a long, full life with few, if any, major issues.