In many cases, a pool deck is made of bare poured concrete. However, you might not want to go this route for your commercial swimming pool deck. This article will go over some concerns you might have regarding a concrete pool deck, as well as explain why rubber safety resurfacing may be a good idea. Here's more on this: 

Poured concrete pool decking is slippery when wet, while rubber isn't

Whether you have a hotel, an apartment complex, a gym, or another business with a pool, you want to think about guest safety. If someone is hurt on your property, then you might be liable. Poured concrete decking can increase the chances that you would be liable for pool-area injuries, because there will be a higher chance of someone being seriously hurt. Concrete tends to get slippery when wet, which is not ideal for swimming pool areas. 

You can opt to have your commercial pool deck resurfaced with a rubber safety coating. This coating will give your guests a non-slip surface to walk on when they are near your pool. The rubber will offer good traction, whether they're wearing shoes or walking barefoot. This means fewer chances of slipping accidents. 

Concrete decks are very hard, while rubber decks offer some cushion

If someone does fall on the bare concrete pool deck, then they will come down on that very hard surface. This can lead to everything from a split open knee cap to a traumatic brain injury. Concrete increases the chances of a fall resulting in deep scratches, open cuts, and even large bumps. 

The rubber safety deck can decrease the chances of these types of injuries. Instead, they may just have a little bruising or a small bump. Or, they may end up not being hurt at all. 


While the information above discussed a couple of important reasons for having your commercial pool resurfaced with a rubber safety deck, there are other benefits as well. For example, there are fewer chances of things like phones breaking when dropped on the deck. The rubber will also provide a cooler surface, and this is a very good thing for a pool area, where most people will be walking around without their shoes on. Also, the rubber deck surface can have so many looks, depending on the design you choose. This can help you create a pool are you'll be very happy with.

To learn more, contact a company that provides commercial pool deck resurfacing