Your home is your castle. And whether you own an actual castle or a quaint suburban retreat, new garage doors can be a welcomed upgrade to your home, especially with trends that improve their overall style and function. So if you're interested in making improvements to your castle and don't know where to start, consider a few trends in garage doors that can deliver impressive results.

With new materials, designs, and accessory options, modern trends in garage doors deliver big on both performance and style. If you want to make an smart investment that can instantly improve the market value and aesthetic appeal of your home, you need to discover what's new in garage doors:

Windows: Windows can be minimal inclusions at the top or bottom of panels, or full fiberglass or acrylic panels that span the entire door system. If you opt for full fiberglass or acrylic-paneled door units, you'll get the most modern appearance that gives your home a glow when interior garage lights are on. When you let in light with garage doors, you will not only appreciate the difference it makes in the visibility inside your garage, but how it also makes your garage appear more continuous with your home.

Camouflaging Materials: Garage doors can now be made to look just like wood, only fabricated from much stronger steel. With a re-introduction and camouflaging of materials into forms that are warmer and more contemporary, you can completely change the look of your home and still not sacrifice the integrity of your garage door unit. Installing camouflaged doors will generally provide increased strength, lower-maintenance, and the same look that you are going for in other material options.

Carriage-Style: Taking out the overhead panels and opting for carriage-style doors will be a slightly more involved installation, as door units have to be adjusted to make the change. But carriage-style garage doors will update both the interior and exterior of your home with a novel feature. Carriage-style doors swing-out for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, giving your home an impressive feature with a sophisticated, throw-back style. If you want your castle to feel more like a castle, carriage-style doors are the option to choose.

Smart Controls: Smart and automated control systems can offer you a chance to remotely open your garage, turn on interior lights, or even adjust the temperature inside from your smart phone. Smart systems give you the option of controlling your doors wherever you are, even if you aren't in proximity with a car remote, and they'll allow you to securely monitor who comes and goes when you're away. If you want the most security and control over this access point in your home, you should upgrade your unit to include smart features.

Though your existing garage doors may require nothing more than a coat of paint, installing new doors and accessories will create an impacting change that can easily appreciate the value of your home and its curb appeal. Visit Terry Overhead Door for more options and information.