Planning a wedding can be very expensive, especially when it comes to decorating for the wedding reception. If you plan to have a country themed wedding reception on your big day, your centerpieces can be made in an affordable way--especially if your tree needs pruning. Use the following guide to learn how to use a few tree limbs to make great table décor that will give your reception the country feel you want.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Wood Glue
  • Chainsaw
  • Two Wine Glasses for Each Table
  • Glitter Spray Paint
  • Lace
  • Scissors
  • One Succulent to Display in Each Glass

Cut the Limbs

Lay the limbs flat on the ground and use the chainsaw to cut them into discs. The discs should be half an inch in thickness.

Create the Bases

Lay five of the discs together on a table to create a circular formation. One disc should be in the center of the formation with the four other discs arranged around it. Pick up the pieces one by one, and use the wood glue to stick them to the disc located in the center of the formation. Allow each base to dry for a few hours before continuing. Make one base for each table.

Paint the Glasses

Place the glasses upside down on a flat surface. Spray the glasses with the spray paint to give them a glittery exterior. Allow the paint to dry for an hour before attempting to move the glasses.

Cut the Lace

Cut the lace into very thin strips that you can sprinkle around the base of your wine glasses. If you simply set the glasses directly onto the base, it could make the centerpiece look incomplete.

Arrange the Centerpieces

Place the bases for the centerpieces in the center of each table. Position two glasses on each base next to one another without the glasses actually touching. Place a succulent inside of each glass carefully. Spread the shredded lace around the bottom of the wine glasses to finish the look of the centerpieces.

Succulents are plants that are very hearty and do not require a lot of care to thrive. You can allow your guests to take the centerpieces with them when they leave. They will be able to use the glasses and plant the succulents, when they get home. This centerpiece will cost very little to make and will give you the country look you want for your wedding reception quickly and easily.

For advice on how to best prune your tree and select the best limbs for the project, contact a company like All Season Tree Service.