Owning your own home can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of anyone's life, but that excitement comes with responsibilities. Home ownership means that you have to be prepared to address the maintenance of all parts of your property, even those that may be difficult to understand or even a little unpleasant. Below is a guide to some of the options available to you in septic system design.

Standard Gravity

Possibly the most common type of septic system, a standard gravity system is installed under most normal conditions. The septic tank is installed and gravity will effectively drain the liquid from the septic tank and into a series of underground trenches. This will require your system to be constructed on higher ground than your drainage field, and as such, your excavation contractor may need to grade your land to guarantee it is properly elevated.

Your standard gravity tank will be able to be installed close to the surface of your land, but you should be prepared to dig deep enough in stable enough soil to guarantee it will be comfortably installed without any risk of it being unearthed.

Pressure Distribution

If you have a lack of soil depth that can support a septic tank, a pressure distribution system may be the correct choice for you. A pump will pressurize the liquid into a pipe system that will then distribute it into your drainage field, and you will be less likely to require adjustment of the elevation of your land.

Pressure distribution systems also tend to allow for more even distribution of waste water, decreasing the amount of ground you need to distribute your waste. Being able to specifically aim the waste runoff is a great way to maximize the use of your limited space.

Advanced Treatment Systems

Many real estate parcels will have shallow soil that encroaches on drinking water. Any risk that those water tables would be infiltrated by sewage must be avoided, and as such, you may need to install an advanced treatment system. These systems are reinforced to avoid any risk of fracture, and often feature chemical filters that will dilute the concentration of your wastewater and make it far safer to distribute into sensitive environmental areas.

A functioning septic system is an important part of making sure that your home stays pleasant and dry and will also guarantee that your property values remain at their highest levels. Working with an excavation contractor like Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd to choose your septic system will guarantee that you find the solution that's right for you.