Many home improvement projects, especially those that occur outdoors, require a great deal of work high up off the ground. While traditional ladders, extension ladders and self-supporting ladders are great for quick small jobs that don't require a lot of movement, they can become unsafe and cumbersome for larger projects. For this reason, many people choose to use scaffolding for larger projects while others choose to climb up and down the ladder each time it needs to be moved. 

If you are considering doing some home improvement projects, there are a few reasons to consider renting scaffolding. Not only will stable scaffolding keep you safe, it will make your job much easier. 

There's More Room

Putting new siding on your home or painting your existing siding are both huge jobs that require a great deal of tools, materials and supplies. Since a scaffold platform is wide and deep, it provides more space for paint buckets and tools. Scaffolds also allow several people to work side by side, which is sometimes necessary for heavy siding projects. What's more, by allowing more people to work together in a single area, scaffolds allow projects to progress quickly. 

You Can Move Around Easier

Some jobs require a great deal of movement, especially those involving window repair and placement. Whether you're scraping and sanding window casements or removing old windows and installing new ones, you will have to move around a lot while performing work on your windows. Since twisting, bending and reaching are difficult to do on a ladder, scaffolding is crucial for these jobs. Scaffolding also gives you more stability while you're lifting and maneuvering windows. Additionally, scaffolds are much safer than ladders at higher elevations, making them necessary for second and third story window replacement.  

Scaffolds Can Prevent Injury

Anytime you have to work more than 20 feet off the ground, you will need to rent scaffolding. This is especially true when the project involves large or over-sized materials, such as gutters. When it comes to gutters and overhangs where work occurs along the entire length of the house, multiple people are needed to perform the work. While you can use several ladders—one for each person—to hoist gutters and long pieces of wood into place, it just isn't safe to do so. What's more, climbing a ladder over and over again to perform work isn't easy on your knees, legs and back. 

As you can see, there are several large outdoor projects that require scaffolding for safety and convenience purposes. If you're getting ready to perform a large project on the outside of your home, look into scaffolding rental. It will make your job easier and safer.