It is easy to become bored with the look of your home's landscaping, and if you live on a small lot or property, you may think your options are limited. The truth is, there are some clever and innovative ways to give your home's curb appeal a fresh new appearance that won't cost a fortune.

Try these tips to transform the curb appeal of your home or property:

Soak up the sun.

A sundeck is an ideal way to bring appeal to your home while investing in a feature that will be enjoyed by all that live there. Talk with contractors about custom deck kits which often come with railings, hardware, and other millwork to make your deck stand out and be fully functional. This will soon become your favorite spot to sit and soak up the sunshine.

Put in a pergola.

If you want to invest in a versatile yard and garden feature that will add whimsy and function to your property, you can't go wrong with a pergola. These can be covered with screen or canvas to create a sheltered spot for a picnic or dining table, and can be wrapped in plastic to mimic the utility of a greenhouse. Pergolas may also be a great foundation for climbing plants and vines that will result in a focal point of foliage.

Add some shade.

Visit home improvement retailers to find awnings to fit the windows or doorways of your dwelling. An awning is a great way to provide shelter over porches, decks, and patios, too. These stylish accents may also keep utility costs down, making it easier to cool the home during hot summer months.

Prepare a patio.

A patio is not only a great place to entertain during mild weather and warm seasons, but these versatile paved spaces are also the safest place to put your fire pit or outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace can be an alluring focal point that will get a lot of use during brisk spring or fall nights. Look for cool vintage-style chimineas for a stylish accent that will enhance your property's curb appeal.

What about water?

Water is another way to bring a unique look and sense of serenity to your property. A solar-powered fountain is a lovely, relaxing feature to prominently display in your yard; a simple tabletop fountain makes an excellent feature for a porch or patio. If you are really motivated, consider buying a do-it-yourself pond kit and inserting a pond liner into a hole dug and lined with sand.

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to enhance your property's curb appeal, and retailers or contractors may offer their own unique suggestions. Consider investing some time and resources into bringing a fresh look to your home and property. Talk with landscapers for ideas when working with challenging green-spaces, such as small yards, rocky terrain, or low sun spots.