Wooden fascia and soffit board are of the utmost importance when it comes to the style of your roof line. On slanted roofs, the fascia is particularly important because it is often the most visible part of the roofline. Straight and bright fascia and soffit boards will make your roof look much newer and more stylish. Since the boards are so exposed to rain and sun, they can wear down and fade over the years. They need to be constantly kept up in order to maintain their look and structural integrity. You need to reseal them every few years. This article will explain how to reseal soffit and fascia boards.

Fixing Both at the Same Time

In actuality, the fascia will need to be fixed before the soffit. This because the soffit faces downward and does not get any direct sun or moisture contact. However, when you are fixing you fascia, you should also fix the soffit at the same time. If you paint the fascia, and not the soffit, the board will not match. Even if you do not make any patches or repairs to your soffit, you should paint it at the same time.

Before your Paint

The key to successfully painting your soffit and fascia boards is preparing the surfaces before you paint. You cannot just paint over a rough wooden surface with peeling paint. You should use a power sander to smooth out the surface and knock down any sharp edges or rough spots. You should not worry about sanding off all of the old paint. Instead, focus on making the surfaces as smooth as possible. If there are holes or gouges in the wood, you should patch them with heavy duty exterior wood putty.

Painting the Fascia and Soffit

Painting is very easy on some rooflines, but difficult on others. It all depends on your type of roof. Some roofs hang over the fascia, making it hard to paint the top edge. Other roofs are recessed, so the fascia sticks out further than anything else. This means you can use a roller to quickly paint along the fascia from side to side. If your roof material is attached to the fascia board, you will want to tape off first: this obviously requires a lot more time.

In the end, if you paint your fascia and soffit with water resistant exterior paint, you will be able to protect your roofline.