If your home is located next to some large maple trees and sap from their branches has spilled onto a couple wooden-framed windows and doors on its exterior, learn how to remove the sap with the following tips. Once you have finished, the wood will be restored to its original state and will continue to add beauty to your home as long as it is regularly maintained.  


  • cooking oil
  • lint-free cleaning cloths
  • plastic scraper
  • mineral spirits
  • water hose
  • standard wood cleaner

Loosen The Sap And Remove Large Chunks

Pour a small amount of cooking oil onto a cleaning cloth and wipe the cloth across each sap-covered portion of the wood. Wait a few minutes for the oil to penetrate and soften the hardened pieces of sap. Wedge the end of the scraper under the edge of each sap spot and wiggle the tool's handle back and forth to assist with removing the sap.

If you would rather try another method, use a cleaning cloth to remove the sap spots. Place the cloth over the oil-covered spots and pinch the sap between your fingers to remove it. Continue using either of these methods until you have removed as much of the sap as possible. 

Remove Any Remaining Residue

Pour some mineral spirits onto a cloth until it is fairly damp. Wipe any remaining sap residue with the cloth. Use firm pressure as you move the cloth over each spot that has sap residue on it. Add more mineral spirits to the cloth if it is needed. Once all of the tree sap has been eliminated, rinse the wooden window and door frames off with a water hose to remove any oil or mineral spirits that remain on their surface. Clean the wood with standard wood cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Once the wood has dried, it will be restored to its original condition. 

Maintain The Wooden-Framed Windows And Doors

Keep the window frames and doors in good shape by cleaning them off on a regular basis. Inspect the exterior of your home for sap and remove it as soon as it is noticed to shorten the length of time that it takes to clean the wood in the future. Trim any branches that hang down close to your home to minimize the amount of sap that your home's exterior is subjected to. All of these tips will help keep your home's exterior well maintained. 

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