There are many great home remodels that will increase the curb appeal of your property. Painting the soffit and fascia board is a great project because it brightens your roofline and makes your home look newer. When you repaint your soffit and fascia boards, it is advisable to also fill any holes or cracks in the wood. This article explains how to fill these small holes to ensure that your soffit and fascia boards are water resistant. Then, when you repaint your roofline, it will look much newer.

Using Auto Body Filler

Professional woodworkers often use a special trick for filling holes in hardwood: they often use auto body filler to fill nail holes and dents in a cabinet. If you have hardwood soffit and fascia boards, you can use this too. Auto body filler dries to be much harder than normal wood putty. It blends in very well, and it can be sanded. This is why many professionals prefer it instead of wood putty. All you need is the patch (whatever type you decide to use) and a putty knife. Apply the patch into the hole and scrape away as much excess as possible. You will still need to sand away the filler after it dries to make it perfectly flat. Be careful and take your time. The job can be tricky since you will be working from atop a ladder.

Priming and Painting

Whenever you are painting a patched piece of wood, you will need to prime before painting. Exterior primer will ensure equal absorption and uniform color tone. It is always a good idea to paint the entirety of the soffit and fascia to make sure you don't have issues with paint not matching. Make sure you invest in a high-quality exterior paint that is rated to be waterproof. You can use a roller to paint most of the surface, but you need to be careful when you get near the edges. If you get paint on the roof tiles or sidewalls, it can be difficult to fix. Be sure to use painter's tape where possible. You will spend less time adding tape then you will try to clean paint off of other surfaces, so don't try and skip the taping.

The look of your roofline, and entire exterior will be much improved if you keep up your soffit and fascia. Don't neglect to take care of your soffit and fascia boards, or else they could become expensive to fix. For more information, contact Shuswap Pro Roofing Ltd or a similar company.