If the sidewalk that leads to your front door has spalling, cracks, or heaves, it detracts from the appearance of your property. The sidewalk could also be a trip hazard and cause a family member or guest to fall and be injured. There are options for repairing damaged concrete, although in some cases, replacing the sidewalk may be needed. Talk to a concrete contractor to find out how to get your sidewalk back in shape. Here are options to consider.

Repair Cracks

As long as a crack isn't too big, it can be filled in so the crack doesn't get bigger and so rain stays out. You might even fill in tiny cracks yourself. If your sidewalk has many cracks, but the sidewalk is in good shape otherwise, an overly might be possible. When the cracks are repaired, a new layer of concrete is added to the sidewalk to cover the damage. If you get an overlay, you could even have designs stamped in it and change the look of your sidewalk.

In addition to repairing cracks, a concrete contractor might be able to repair edges of the sidewalk that have crumbled off. When choosing between repairs and replacement, the contractor considers the age of your sidewalk and the type of damage it has. Even though concrete repairs can often be done, in some cases, replacing the slab is a better idea.

Replace All Or Part Of The Sidewalk

If your sidewalk has deep and wide cracks, the concrete contractor may recommend replacing the slab that has the cracks. The new slab might look a little different from the older part of your sidewalk, so you might want to put in a whole new sidewalk if the sidewalk isn't very long. Then the concrete will have a uniform appearance.

However, if you want to save money, the contractor can just remove the damaged concrete and pour new concrete in that one spot. You could then have an overlay added to make the surface of your entire sidewalk look fresh and new.

Saw Off A Heaved Area

If part of your sidewalk has lifted due to tree roots, but the rest of the slab is undamaged, the concrete contractor may recommend sawing down the heaved area so your sidewalk is level and the trip hazard is removed. The contractor can use a concrete saw to shave off the raised area without harming the rest of your sidewalk.

Repair Spalling

Spalling is a condition where the top part of a concrete slab peels off in chips. This makes your sidewalk unattractive, and spalling might also cause a trip hazard. Your concrete contractor might recommend replacing the slab if the spalling is severe. Spalling might also be repaired by sealing it or covering it with an overlay.

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